COVE Demo Day Partnership Opportunities

Join us on June 14, 2023, for COVE Demo Day, the premier event for on-water demonstrations of the latest marine technologies innovation. COVE Demo Day features interactive and engaging demonstrations from world-leading marine technology innovators, all on-site at COVE’s facility in Dartmouth. The Halifax Harbour will be a flurry of activity with numerous demonstrations taking place on-water and on-land throughout the program.

This must-see, all-day event will showcase 30+ demonstrations from marine tech companies located around the world and will welcome over 300 international, national and local attendees.

COVE is a world-leading innovation centre and global tech hub with a mission to create the world’s next commercial and revolutionary tech advances. COVE is home to a community of 60+ marine tech companies and is where ideas become solutions, technologies become ventures, and opportunities become careers. Its location, partnerships and community make COVE the best place in the world to bring marine research, business, and technology together.

COVE Demo Day Benefits at a Glance

Benefits Number of Spaces Available Provide brief remarks at Demo Day opening ceremony Verbal recognition from stage 1x Complimentary exhibit booth during Demo Day* Opportunity to place 1x banner on site Complimentary tickets to Demo Day Size ad in Demo Day printed program** Promo items available on offerings table during event Logo on Demo Day website (with hyperlink) Logo in Demo Day printed program Logo inclusion on digital promotional campaigns
Diamond$15,000 1 10 Full-page 4
Ruby$10,000 Unlimited 6 Half-page 3
Emerald$5,000 Unlimited 4 Quarter-page 2
Pearl$3,000 Unlimited 2 1
Closing Reception$7,500 1 2
Lunch$7,500 1 2
Coffee Station$2,000 2
*(to promote your organization) **(artwork to be supplied by sponsor)

H2O Conference Partnership Opportunities

Atlantic Canada and Nova Scotia, in particular, is home to a strong cluster of marine industries and to ground breaking ocean research. This region is quickly becoming a globally recognized hub of marine expertise with the potential to be a significant contributor to a number of global value chains associated with the marine sector, including, but not limited to marine defence, energy, observation, fisheries and aquaculture technology, tourism and transportation.

Halifax hosts COVE, a high-tech innovation hub for the global marine sector located on the Halifax Harbour, the globally acclaimed Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) and a short drive away on the Bay of Fundy the Fundy Ocean Research for Energy (FORCE).

The H20 Home to Overseas Conference is an ideal event to engage with local marine technology industry. The conference will include:

H2O Conference Benefits at a Glance

Benefits Number of Spaces Available Provide brief remarks at Conference Provide promo video Verbal recognition from stage Complimentary exhibit booth at Conference* Increased exhibit booth size Opportunity to purchase exhibit booth** Display pull-up banner at Conference Display pull-up banner at Oceans Gala Dinner Complimentary tickets to Conference (June 12-13) Complimentary tickets to Oceans Gala Dinner Size ad in Conference printed program*** Logo on Conference on-site signage Logo on Conference website Box ad on Conference website Logo on Conference printed program Listing in Conference printed program Logo on tent cards Logo inclusion on digital promotional campaigns Logo on PowerPoint in presentation room Delegate e-blast
Platinum$15,000 1 3 3 15 10 Full-page
Gold$10,000 Unlimited 2 1 10 10 Half-page
Silver$5,000 Unlimited 1 1 5 10 Quarter-page
Bronze$3,000 Unlimited 1 1 2 4
Reception$2,500 2 1 1
Lunch$2,500 2 1 1
Breakfast$1,000 2
Nutrition Break$1,000 4
*(booth infrastructure only, no conference registration included) **($1,000) ***(artwork to be supplied by sponsor)

Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a partner:

Alexia McGill   |   +1-902-422-1886

<h2 style="text-align: center;">Thank You!</h2>
<h4 style="text-align: center;">Both OTCNS and COVE greatly appreciate your consideration<br />
in being a partner for our events.</h4>

Thank You!

Both OTCNS and COVE greatly appreciate your consideration
in being a partner for our events.